Remembering 9/11:

Prayer/Reflection at The Church of the Bretheren for the Interfaith 9/11 Commemoration Service on 9/11/11 in Easton MD, presented by John Schreiner

Thank you, Deacon Terry... and good evening friends and neighbors.

Most Quakers I believe, feel as we all do and see that the spirit of the first responders on 9/11 was of the highest order: to save others despite deadly hazards.

How we all choose to commemorate this 10th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center is another matter. It offers us an opportunity not only to honor those brave souls acting amidst chaos and danger, but to build upon that heroism. In so doing we can examine choices we have as citizens and as a nation to guide our actions in the world. (slowly) We can work toward Peace, and away from fear and retribution. (PAUSE)

We can use this very moment to reflect, and then act in a way that lays the foundation for lasting peace; (slowly) knowing that there is that of God in everyone.

If we can do this from our hearts, the underlying causes of war will indeed diminish‐and the lives sacrificed by the dedicated first responders will not be in vain. Our world can be a safer, more joyful place in which to live.

I ask for each of us here tonight to take a full minute now to reflect and focus in concert upon how we can form a spiritual home for peace in our hearts and in the world around us; one in which a future 9/11 catastrophe simply would not form in hearts of men.

Let's begin in prayerful silence.

(Group Silence)

Thank you.

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