John Schreiner's remarks Honoring Ken Carroll 5/1/11:

"Ken, you're a tough act to follow. Your address gives us much to consider. And we should all have the problem I have this minute to stand up and speak for the members and attenders of Third Haven Friends Meeting and acknowledge your work and thank you for your contributions to our religious community.

Following are just the hi-lights.

Ken's connection with Quakers began when he was 22 in Durham NC. And, it was in that same winter of 1946 when he first began attending meeting here during holiday breaks and between semesters at Duke University where he was studying. And in those years when he first attended our Meeting here in his native Talbot County, there were only a handful of older folks present; and he was just a youngster. They found inspiration in Ken's presence.

During his time at Duke, Ken's studies in history led him on to graduate work in religion and eventually to a Bachelor of Divinity. After publishing two key scholarly articles, he earned his PhD in 1953. Those articles stemmed from his having read and studied the minutes of Third Haven monthly meetings dating way back to 1676. And this activity formed what became the beginnings of Ken's spiritual pilgrimage.

Ken's career as a professor of Religious studies flourished at Southern Methodist University in Dallas beginning in 1952, lasting 35 years before he returned back here to the Eastern Shore and to settle down in Easton.

Ken's travels and studies back in the '60's and 70's, led him to persuade notable visitors to visit us here later...from Japan, Ireland and England. On a sabbatical in '69 & '70 Ken spent a year's study @ Haverford as the T. Wistar Brown Fellow.

He became a member of Third Haven in 1986 and began at once, serving on Worship and Ministry. At the request of the Meeting, Ken wrote "300 Years and More of Third Haven Quakerism" to help us celebrate that anniversary in the mid '80s. (not incidentally, copies are available today for purchase in the Common Room)

Ken was asked to serve as our clerk in 1988 and did so until 2001... some 13 years at the helm. During that time he gave a variety of talks on numerous topics including the creation of the Bible; on the life and teachings of Jesus... as well as on many aspects of Quakerism. During Ken's leadership as clerk, we experienced growth in numbers and diversity and the beginnings of Wednesday evening worship. Introductions of new visitors became common place at the rise of meeting.

Ken, we thank you. We thank you not only for you past contributions but for your continued presence; often high-lighted during worship with your inspiration and words of wisdom... sometimes salted with warm humor. And today, in some way, we want to mark our appreciation for your leadership and service.

As a result, Friends have felt called to raise funds in your honor and, in the process, have arranged to have a large, finely-crafted, custom cherry table with your name on it to be placed in the new, expanded Maryland Room of the new Talbot County library. This is done in recognition of your contribution to passing along local Quaker history to this generation and those to come. Ken, the flow of gratitude and funds keeps coming and, as a result, we're now able to also add a very substantial sum to Third Haven's youth scholarship endowment fund in your name. I want to thank those generous contributors.... but, even more to the point today...

...we say: "Thank you, Ken, for your contribution to our future.""

Ken's Response, May 4, 2011:

Letter to John Schreiner, Clerk of Third Haven Meeting

I deeply appreciate the warm and magnificent welcoming that you gave to the Friends Historical Association on May 1. You made me proud.

Also I would like to express my deep appreciation for the unexpected gifts to the Maryland Room and the Scholarship Fund in my honor. They were both humbling and gratifying. Thank you.

Your Friend,
Kenneth Carroll

10 May 2011 Letter of thanks:

Dear John,

I am writing on behalf of the Friends Historical Assn. to express our gratitude for our visit to Third Haven Meeting on the first of May. It was a wonderful day. Your warmth and hospitality were much appreciated. The meal was lovely. It was so nice for those who traveled from a distance to enjoy the Meeting for Worship, Larny Claggett's presentation, Ken Carroll's lecture, and then to have such a delicious meal. What a delightful day.

I rode home on the bus and people were commenting on Third Haven's warm welcome, the beautiful grounds, the lovely meetinghouse where the past was so palpably present, the friendliness of Third Haven members, and the spiritual and physical nourishment of the day.

Thank you for all that you did to make this day possible. And please express our thanks to the community of Third Haven.

Many thanks.

Ellen M. Ross, President, Friends Historical Association

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Meetings for Worship with Attention to Business: 2nd Sunday of the Month following Meeting for Worship (except for the months of July and August)

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