Worship and Ministry:


Purpose Statement:

We need to guard against under-valuing the material expressions of spiritual things. It is easy to make a form of our very rejection of forms. And in particular we need to ask ourselves whether we are endeavoring to make all the daily happenings and doings of life which we call "secular" minister to the spiritual. It is a bold and colossal claim that we put forward—that the whole of life is sacramental, that there are innumerable "means of grace" by which God is revealed and communicated—through nature and through human fellowship and through a thousand things that may become the "outward and visible sign" of an "inward and spiritual grace."
Faith and Practice, Extracts from Writings on Belief, 18 (page 90);
A. Barrett Brown, 1932


The purpose of the Worship and Ministry Committee of a monthly meeting is set forth in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM) Faith and Practice, 1997. The principal relevant sections are:

This purpose statement, developed by the Worship and Ministry Committee, uses and adapts these resources and proposes the following purpose statement to the meeting for business for consideration and approval.

Proposed Purpose:

There is That of God in each and every person. Third Haven Friends Meeting has had a long, continuous and Spirit-led practice in its Worship and Ministry Committee in caring for the meeting for worship and the Spiritual journeys of members and attenders. The purpose of the WMC is:

1. Meeting for Worship:

Meetings for worship are held in still, expectant silence waiting upon God. In the living silence, worshipers are drawn together by the power of God in our midst. The worship should nurture all worshipers. The Worship and Ministry Committee cares for the meeting for worship. Members of the Committee attend the meeting for worship as regularly as possible, listen, experience and appreciate the meeting for worship, silence and vocal ministry.

The Worship and Ministry Committee attends to, discusses and considers the meeting for worship and vocal ministry, as necessary and appropriate. The Committee recognizes, develops and nurtures the gifts of ministry of our members and attenders. When the meeting for worship is consistently not gathered or when the vocal ministry seems inappropriate, the Committee will discern an appropriate response, and arrange for members of the Committee to meet and talk with specific members or attenders, to share understandings for the good of the Meeting, in a caring and tender way, as may be needed.

2. Spiritual Nurture:

The Worship and Ministry Committee nurtures and supports the Spiritual life of the meeting, and the Spiritual journeys of members and attenders—to seek God's will and act upon an understanding of Truth. The Committee provides opportunities for members and attenders in the Meeting community to share experiences of Spiritual discovery and opportunities for Spiritual transformation.

3. Adult Religious Education:

The Worship and Ministry Committee provides opportunities for the Meeting community to learn about our:

The Committee offers and supports courses, programs, speakers, discussions and other teaching and learning activities and opportunities to support the meeting for worship and the Spiritual journeys of members and attenders.

Third Haven Friends Monthly Meeting is a member of Southern Quarterly Meeting of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends General Conference of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

Meetings for Worship: Sundays 10:00AM, Wednesdays 5:30PM

Childrens' program: 1st and 3rd Sundays 10:00AM

Meetings for Worship with Attention to Business: 2nd Sunday of the Month following Meeting for Worship (except for the months of July and August)

Contact: 405 S. Washington St., Easton, MD 21601; (410) 822-0293; 3rdhaven@gmail.com; Find Us on Facebook


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