Called Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, Fifteenth Day, Fourth Month 2018:
Brick Meeting House Safe Egress/Fire Escape

Opening Silent Worship

Molly Brian, Clerk of the Meeting, gathered together the meeting for worship with attention to business at 11:30 a.m. with a brief period of silence. She introduced the purpose of this meeting as limited to discussion of egress for the brick meeting house.


27 attended: Gwen Beegle, Molly Brian, Lorraine Claggett, Larny Claggett, Susan Claggett, Bob Day, Susan Dickinson, Marsie Hawkinson, Bill Lane, Marie Leonard, Connie Lewis, Priscilla Morris, Beth Mufson, Sumner Parker, Dee Rein, Nancy Robbins, Adrienne Rudge, Bill Schauer, John Schreiner, Robert Shattuck, Candace Shattuck, Ben Tilghman, Bob Wack, Joan Whitmore, Winslow Womack, Ralph Young, Harvey Zendt

Topic: Brick Meeting House Safe Egress/Fire Escape

Property and Grounds committee presentation:

Consideration of the fire escape stairway on the back of the brick meeting house has evolved. A fire marshal visit indicated what is and is not allowed per building codes. He was very helpful. Considered were $15-30,000 in renovations to make the entire structure compliant with fire code, regardless of how many people are using the second floor space. A visit to the trustees yielded the general idea that while the chances of an incident are infinitesimal, the consequences are extremely serious should it occur. The trustees indicated a willingness to fund egress improvement. Addressing the front stairway as well raises the potential cost to $40,000. P&G suggests the meeting advise them as to the intended use of the space upstairs before a renovation decision is made. That is the purpose of this meeting.

Discussion points included:

Clerk's Summary:

The sense of the Meeting is a desire to continue to use the second floor space as well as do the right thing by making it safe and accessible to all. Those present indicated unity.

Therefore Property and Grounds is asked to find solutions. Property and Grounds is happy to accomplish that task with the understanding that they make no aesthetic decisions and will be back to discuss such considerations in the future.

Continued Discussion:


Property and Grounds are asked to develop specifics to move ahead for safety and accessibility for all ages.

John Schreiner will work on the steps and spear-head fire drill plans.

The meeting closed with silent worship at 12:20 pm.

D. Rein, Recording Clerk

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