Annual Report of the Communications Committee April 11, 2010:

During the past year our group has provided a new paper directory, weekly e-mail announcements, monthly newsletters, but most importantly revitalized the Third Haven Website This was accomplished by our newest member, Tatiana H. Harrison.

Ralph Young writes,

"What a wonderful job you have done to our website. You have increased the attractiveness and functionality of the site by many orders of magnitude. The layout, the calendar page, the directory page, etc., etc., etc. are all the hand of a professional. What a wonderful gift you are giving to the Meeting."

Tatiana writes,

"Earlier this year, I redesigned our website. The new design allows visitors to bookmark individual pages and better reflects the aesthetics of our Meetinghouses. In the process of redesigning the site, I had the opportunity to review all of the content. The amount of content on our website is one of the best things about it, but the content needs to be updated.

Our website is one of our most important outreach and 'in-reach' tools. The more frequently we review the content on the website, the better the website will be. With some exceptions, most of the content on the website was written years ago. I have updated content when it was obviously out-dated; but I ask each committee to go through the website and review the content pertaining to your specific committee. Other than annual reports, most committees will find that they have NO content on the website at all. I ask these committees to consider adding content to the website. I strongly encourage all committees to contact me with content changes or additions. In particular, I would like to have more content about the Quaker Quest, Scholarship, and First Day committees on the website.

This website is for all of us: those who attend Third Haven already and those who might in the future. We can make it better by adding more content and making sure the content already on the website is current."

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The committee depends upon Nancy Mullen and Dee Rein for editorial work, Molly Burgoyne for the minutes, Ralph Young for photography and sending US mail editions, and Tatiana Harrison for her masterful upgrade of the website.

John Hawkinson, clerk of Communications Committee

Third Haven Friends Monthly Meeting is a member of Southern Quarterly Meeting of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends General Conference of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

Meetings for Worship: Sundays 10:00AM, Wednesdays 5:30PM

Childrens' program: 1st and 3rd Sundays 10:00AM

Meetings for Worship with Attention to Business: 2nd Sunday of the Month following Meeting for Worship (except for the months of July and August)

Contact: 405 S. Washington St., Easton, MD 21601; (410) 822-0293;; Find Us on Facebook


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