Annual Report of the Scholarship Committee September, 2009:

The Scholarship Committee has been busy this summer, and five $500 scholarships have been awarded to Third Haven members and their families. Scholarship recipients were chosen on the basis of their academic accomplishments, their educational goals, their long-term plans, and their participation (and their families') in Third Haven. Financial aid has been awarded, in alphabetical order, to:

Laura Claggett: A member of the up-and-coming generation of one of Third Haven's dynasties, Laura graduated in May from The George School. She participated in the International Baccalaureate (advanced placement) Program, and graduated with a 3.8 grade point average. She will attend The College of William and Mary in the fall, where she might—or might not—major in Classical Languages. Laura is the daughter of Larny and Lorraine Claggett, and the granddaughter of Pinny and Lorraine Claggett. She has received a generous financial aid package from the college, but her family is still expected to contribute almost 40% of the cost of her education.

Jamie duHoffmann: Has been pursuing a bachelor's degree in International Studies at Washington College. Her current grade point average is 3.55. She will transfer in the fall to the University of Maryland-College Park or Salisbury University, where she will major in Interdisciplinary Studies. In the future, she is interested in earning a nursing degree and specializing in pediatrics, labor & delivery, or community health. While grants will cover her tuition, her scholarship will help fund books and day care for her two sons, Gunther and Gabriel. Attenders for five years, Jamie and her sons have been actively involved in parish life for three years. She served as Third Haven's volunteer coordinator for the Talbot Interfaith Shelter this year.

Evan Greene: Member Cindy Browne has been at Third Haven since 2002, and at Homewood Meeting, in Baltimore, prior to that. Her son, Evan Greene, wishes to train as a Wilderness First Responder at the National Outdoor Leadership School in Wyoming. In fact, by time you read this, he may already be there. The school is completely "hands on," and in addition to receiving emergency medical training, he will learn severe-weather survival skills, as well as multiple skills in wilderness and environmental preservation. When he returns, he plans to continue his studies and be certified as an Emergency Medical Technician. "Evan is thrilled about the prospect of attending this type of school, as it is his passion," says his mother. "I strongly believe that it will be a life-altering experience for him, particularly in terms of viewing himself as a successful man."

Jacob Mullen: The eldest son of Nancy and Mike Mullen, Jake just graduated from Easton High School. He is headed for The College of St. Mary's, which is Sarah Claggett's alma mater. He plans to major in philosophy. He chose St. Mary's in part because he will also be able to complete premedical curriculum. Jake plans to go to medical school and follow his father into medicine. He plans to specialize in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Aiyana Paterson: Already has two bachelor's degrees from Western Maryland College, one in Economics and one in Art History. But after a dozen years as a federal budget analyst, she feels that a career change is in order. More and more of her clients are doing business with the Department of Defense, making it harder and harder to reconcile her career with her Quaker beliefs. So she plans to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and teach middle and high school math. The first step will be prerequisite courses at Chesapeake and Anne Arundel Community Colleges. Then she plans to enroll in the MAT program at Salisbury University. She will work full time while attending college and graduate school, and expects the entire process to take two-and-a-half to three years.

Each student, except Evan Greene, whose scholarship will fund an intensive short course, will receive half of his or her scholarship before the fall semester, and the remainder before the spring semester, provided he or she remains a student in good standing. Each student in a multiyear program will be eligible to apply for additional aid next year. "We're proud of our young—and not-so-young—scholars," said Scholarship Committee member Pete Howell. "Although we don't yet have a lot of money to award, we look forward to being able to offer more support in the years ahead. In the meantime, these scholarships are an important symbol of our belief in their potential and our commitment to helping them reach that potential. They are our future, and it is not only our duty, but also our privilege, to help them in any way we can. When they learn and mature, our entire spiritual community benefits."

The Scholarship Committee will accept applications for the spring semester in the fall. Although not yet set in stone, the application deadline is likely to be around November 15. For information about applying for scholarships, contact Pete Howell at or 410-924-5752. To donate to the Scholarship Fund or learn more about planned giving, contact Mark Beck at mb4833 or 410-822-6481.

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