2015 Annual Report for the Scholarship Committee of Third Haven Friends Meeting

In accordance with the precepts of the Fifth Query, fostered by the generosity of this Meeting and many individual contributors, Third Haven's Scholarship Committee has awarded grants to the following students for the current academic year. Our policy of giving $1000.00 to students attending Friends' schools and $500.00 to those in non-Friends colleges remains the same.

TOTAL $3,500.

At the secondary school level the grant is given for the year. At the college level it is given by the term or semester.

In January we will distribute the grants for the next semester, which we expect to total $2500.

As of 6/30/15 the Endowment Fund held by Friends Fiduciary is $98,777.03 and the Operating Fund $4,919.09. Talbot Bank balance was $3,319.92 which included $2000 from the Meeting and $1250* transferred from Friends Fiduciary Operating Account. The anticipated Talbot Bank balance once all checks clear is $569.82. At year's end we should receive a similar distribution.

Twice a year we receive a distribution, which we have used for current scholarships. From time to time we hear from our young students expressing their thanks to the Meeting.

From Charlie Mufson—
Dear Members of Third Haven Meeting,
Thank you so much for your incredibly generous donation. I greatly appreciate you thinking of me during this turning point in my life. Your gift was a huge help in keeping the cost of all my books to a much more reasonable level. I have always tried to maintain the Quaker way of thinking and I will continue to do so. Thanks again for thinking of me.

From Nora Neil—(last Spring)
This semester has been great at Georgetown. I spent the fall semester studying Arabic in Amman, Jordan. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Classes in were in Arabic Sunday-Thursday and I also spent a week and a couple of sporadic weekends traveling the country! My Arabic has greatly improved and I was able to jump right in to the advanced language level classes this semester. I also decided to add a history minor, a decision I am very pleased with. I am currently registered in a class on Early Modern Europe. Next semester I will be taking the History of the Separation of Church and State as well as History of Women in the United States for the minor. I also will be continuing my Arabic Language study with literature classes; one is Arabic Poetry and Translation and the other is Arabic Drama. Hopefully I can also fit a class called Islamic Civilization in the Modern World or perhaps an Art History class!

Besides academics, I have two on campus jobs. One is in the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies and the second one is with the Theatre Department. I have become more involved with theatre this semester and was the Assistant Producer for a play!

Having gone to a Quaker High School and coming from a Quaker family, the values of peace and equality are inherent to me in my education. At Georgetown, I am an active member in promoting a peaceful two state solution between Palestine and Israel through our J Street on campus branch.

From Cassidy Thompson:
Hi Marsie! It's great to hear from you and feels good to know that I have support from Third Haven, so thank you. Yes, I've finished up my fine arts associates degree in New York and now I'm taking political science classes, calculus tutoring, and French in Philadelphia. So far things are going well. I live in a house near U Penn with U Penn graduate students and I have a part time job at an organic restaurant and I'm currently interviewing my professors about internships. A lot of my friends from George School are also going to college in Philadelphia so it has been really wonderful reconnecting with them. I am very appreciative of all the help from the scholarship committee for it has gone a long way for me. Cathy and my dad suggested I reach out again for more aid if I need it this semester and I think that I should because I have a lot of work ahead of me if I ever hope to succeed enough to one day be able to repay Third Haven for all of your generosity ten fold! Thank you again for reaching out to me and let me know if anyone has questions for me!

Our children are greatest assets—the future of the Society of Friends. For our young people, the value of knowing that they are each supported and cared for by Third Haven is greater than the actual dollars we are able to invest in their futures. As outreach, it is priceless.

More letters from our students:

From Emma Leibman—
Dear Third Haven Friends,
Thank you so much for your generous contribution towards my education at University of Maryland, College Park. While it may not be a Quaker School, one of the entrance essays I had to write upon applying I chose to write about Quakerism: more specifically, about how the Quaker Community instills in me the very sense of "fearlessness" that UMD claims to look for when choosing their student body. Thank you for being part of the community I hold responsible for my own trademark fearlessness, and for allowing me to keep exploring it through my education at UMD!

The first semester I will be taking Honors Calculus, Economics of Social Inequality, an Honors Humanities Seminar, and Intro to Archaeology, in addition to my marching in "The Mighty Sound of Maryland".

Much love and Light, Emma

From Evan Claggett—
Dear Scholarship Committee,
Thank you so much for sending me money to help with college. Every little bit helps and your donation is always extremely generous. I'm forever thankful for everything the Meeting as well as the Scholarship Committee has doe for me and my other Friends attending college.

P.S. I am still attending Coastal Carolina University and aiming for a degree in Marine Science. This will be my junior year.

Thank you!!

Sincerely, Evan Claggett

From Katie Claggett—
Dear Third Haven Scholarship Committee,
Thank you so much for the generous scholarship. As you are probably already aware, I am extremely excited be attending Guilford College this coming fall. I feel forever grateful for the support this Meeting has given me over the years. I will keep this committee updated on my college progress as I continue my higher education.

Sincerely, Katie Claggett

Marsie Hawkinson, clerk, Lorraine Claggett, Benita Cooper, Deb Danser, Doreen Getsinger, Peter Howell, Sumner Parker

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